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Easy to use

Just tap the button and get positive message ! Every morning you can get positive fealing using this app. Starting day with positive attitude will make your life better !

Instant Positive mood

With this app you will become positive instantly. You can share positive emotions with other people so everyone can do good things and make world better place.


Lots of positive messages for You !

Up to 100 positive texts (some of them require in app purchase)


iPhone, iPad and iPod

App is compatible with:


iPhone 4s or later

iPad 2 or later

iPod touch (5th gen)

In app purchases

App is free to get in App Store. In App purchases avalible.

Social free updates 

Free updates. If you would like to add some positive message and share with others please share with us on facebook. 

 and we will update app to include your message (with your author name if you want).

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